On the move …

Departure day is here.  I’m sitting in Broome airport, my boxes of hats and belongings are checked in and my excess baggage anxiety was laughed off by the check in staff, with boxes weighing well below my allowance.  So, I didn’t need to purchase those extra kgs, however, with the amount of farewell champagnes consumed over the past few days, had they have put me on the scales the money would have been well spent!  My great friend Tush is collecting me from Perth airport and Tush will no doubt experience the same temporary fear when she spots my trolly load.  Tush has been a life long friend and and integral part of Hats by Felicity, playing a major role in my first ever exhibition. Tush organised the hat parade and also modelled my creations, leading the other models in the event.  This was a combined exhibition with my artist friend Suzy French, from Derby.  Suzy and I challenged each other to hold this event and introduce our wares to the world after a night of dutch courage wine.  Our first thought when the confidence wore off was to completely forget the idea but we held each others hands and eventually did hold the exhibition of ‘Oils by Suzy and Hats by Felicity’ and neither of us has looked back since.  

Well, that’s my boarding call … See you soon, Broome – this milliner is on the move …

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