Looking back down the track

It’s raining on my tin roof and there is something about the rain that makes us stop and reflect.  I live in the tropics, therefore torrential rain at this time of the year is to be expected (and enjoyed).  In fact, an annual rainfall is one of the reasons I moved to Broome, having come from drought country in central western NSW.  However, drought is a yesteryear word today, as many of our friends and families now deal with floods, particularly throughout the rural and regional areas of Australia.

As the Milliner on the move, I hope to travel throughout many of these and other regional areas of our country and I look forward to sharing the stories with you along the way; and we all know there will be a few. 

2010, however, kept me in WA and seeing as though I am reflecting, the attached slideshow is a snippet of my millinery creations, spotted out and about as we look back down the race track in 2010. 

Welcome to 2011 everyone – I wish you all “less stress and more laughter”!

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