The model bride

Kate Matthews has been the face of Hats by Felicity since the beginning of time … or, at least, since the inception of business.  Over the years, Kate has modeled my creations on both the catwalk and in front of the camera with absolute perfection and I love her for it.  In addition to being an integral part of my business Kate is also a great friend of mine and it was an incredible honour for me when, on announcement of her engagement to the infamous Daniel Wood, Kate asked if I would create her bridal headwear. Kate initially requested two separate pieces, being a headpiece and veil, with the thought that the veil could be removed after the ceremony but on creation, Kate decided to wear both for the duration of their special day and night.  I couldn’t have been prouder when Kate walked down the aisle and like her family and friends, shed a tear on her entrance. I can’t thank Kate enough for promoting my wears with both the professional and personal touch that I aspired for and most of all … I thank Kate for being the amazing person and wonderful friend and with all my love and with life-long friendship I congratulate Kate and Daniel on their marriage.

I have attached pictures of Kate’s bridal headwear that includes vintage veiling on a silk covered slip-comb with curled biot feathers and four stunning Broome cultured pearls nestled within.  The headpiece is a silk flower with confetti and agrete feathers.  Both creations were positioned to create the illusion of one eternal piece.     

4 responses to “The model bride

  1. Your words are truly touching Flic and Kate is a lucky lady to have such a special friend in you! Xo

  2. Beautiful! Stunning Hats by Felicity Bride.
    Huge Congrats to Kate & Daniel!
    Best wishes all my love Em

  3. A stunning creation on a stunning bride! Congratulations to you both!

  4. I’ve never met Kate that you speak so highly of and have seen in a lot of your amazing pics, but both Kate and the headpieces look exquisite!! What a proud moment for you both!xxx

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