The water dragon journey to Marble Bar

2012 is the year of the Water dragon and Western Australia’s hot spot Pilbara township of Marble Bar is celebrating the theme with an evening ball prior to the Marble Bar races (6th July).  Ball host, Annabelle, commissioned Hats by Felicity to create a headpiece to compliment the theme and with great pleasure I have created this bespoke piece for Annabelle to wear on the night.


Creating the headpiece was the first challenge ….ensuring it’s safe arrival to Marble Bar, however was a whole other challenge, particularly given the event is less than a week away.

Posts were made on Facebook and within half an hour a plan was in place and the dragon was on it’s first leg to Marble Bar, in the trusty Subaru Forester out to the cattle yards about 20kms out of Broome, where she was handed over to a helpful truck driver who nestled her safely on the front seat and with a load of cattle on the back, the Dragon departed in the early hours of the morning and travelled down the Great Northern highway from the Kimberley, into the Pilbara and to it’s first destination … Pardoo roadhouse.  Stay tuned for the next leg of the Dragon’s journey as it makes it’s way to Marble Bar.

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