Fusing the creativity

We love a little creativity and especially when two heads combine to create the one masterpiece; which is what Jemma Keen from Bohemia for Hair and Felicity Brown (AKA me) from Hats by Felicity have been up to; so with great excitement and pride we hereby launch the new headwear fashion product called The Fusion.

Fusing the creative talents of millinery and hair styling, The Fusion is a creative mix of headpiece and hairstyle, resulting in a fashion statement such as this:

Created by Hats by Felicity, The Fusion starts it’s worn art journey similar to this:

When the millinery work is done, the hairdressing work has begun:

The pink leaves in this piece are a gorgeous mix of silk and velvet, enjoyed from all angles and fused with an intricate hairstyle that completes The Fusion work of worn art.

Keep an eye out for The Fusion pictured here, that will be extended by creation for its next trackside outing and fused differently again with the hair.

The Fusion is a custom made creation; if you are interested in your own design for the upcoming race season we welcome you to contact us at Hats by Felicity – just make sure you book the hairdresser for appointment too.

Enjoy.  x

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