A few of my favourite things

Collecting mail from the Post Office is my new, most favourite thing. Over the years I have often received tubes, envelopes and shoe boxes filled with stunning hand collected feathers from friends and strangers around the country. Since my albeit nervous appearance on the Today Show last month these postbox surprises have escalated to cards and letters of support, feathers, invitations and gifts. I received a sample wool clip from a QLD family’s shearing, even a wool pack, a New York styled passport holder and the generous list goes on.
This journey has so many exciting roads – some days I don’t know which way to turn. The generosity has overwhelmed me and I am just so excited to take everyone on the ride.
Thanks to Broome’s New York themed Gala fundraising event and the incredible amount of money raised from the night, the exciting news is that my registration is now complete for the New York Fashion Week event. In addition to the privilege I have also paid for the models, their hair and makeup, the invitations etc and most importantly, my position on the runway is secured. With great excitement and a fair amount of nervousness I can also announce that Hats by Felicity is opening the show! Yes, on September 7 at 4pm we will be first out on the runway! And you thought I was nervous on the Today Show …

nervous flicLike collecting the mail, reading the comments of support on the Pozible crowd funding site is my new, most favourite way to start the day. I feel so humbled and can’t wipe the grin that proudly extends from ear to ear. Now in it’s final hours, the site’s funds raised will at the very least, support the packaging, freight and insurance to get the collection from Broome to New York. The collection is now well underway and if you click on the updates section of the pozible site I have included a snippet of pics but only a sneak peak – I want you all to enjoy the full runway experience at the time.


I hope you have all had a lovely Easter with family and friends. I certainly have. Now it’s back to the studio to create, create, create. I have taken some time off from the day job to dedicate a solid week to the hats so I’ll see you when I come up for air.
In the meantime, for your enjoyment (even though it makes me cringe) here’s the link to the Today Show. As we can all tell, one’s first time in front of a camera is extremely nerve wrecking and definitely not one of my most favourite things ..


Hugs and bubbles all round.

x f

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