Looking back and forward – raise your hats

A week back in reality and the boots have been shelved. It was 41 degrees today in Broome so the Nashville purchases will be stored for a little while yet … the straw Stetson from Texas on the other hand is an essential, even worn to the clothes line.
There’s nothing worse than the post holiday blues. This state of being sets in when the bags are unpacked, washing is done, show and tell is over and you’re wearing a dint in your mac pad scrolling the holiday pics.
Of course, the only way out of these blues is to book the next adventure.
Lucky for me I have a full-time job that I enjoy and that keeps me busy and I started back the day after my touch-down in Broome. I’ve also been back in the hat studio, walking the beach, catching up with friends and done a fabulous long girly lunch.
Friends keep asking me what was my favourite part of the trip but I struggle each time to respond. Everything was a favourite; the accommodations, the food, the catch ups with old friends and the meeting of new. Bubbles on the boat in Sausalito, the US Open tennis, the Lion King on Broadway, Speakeasy Bathtub Gin; Beauty and Essex, Eataly, the Sex and the City Tour, the top of the Rock, Empire State Building and of course, the Fashion Week events and this is only in New York.

Times Square NYC
I’m still dreaming of the Blake Shelton concert in Nashville and the music, boot shops and bars. And the cowboys, rodeos and comedy show in Fort Worth Texas; even my local bars and coffee shops in each US state that I called home.
In summary though, I guess I would say that in San Francisco it was catching up with friends, boating and sourcing beautiful materials for hats.

In New York it was the fashion, food, shopping, architecture, walking, meeting lovely milliners and their hats.

The Hat Shop NYC

The Hat Shop NYC

In Nashville it was the country music, along with the cowboy boots, bars and hats.

Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton

And in Texas it was the wild frontier history, juicy steaks, cowboys, cowhide, rodeos, shoe shines and Peters Brothers hats.

Peters Brothers Hats

Peters Brothers Hats

The service was great, the people are friendly and they really do say ya’ll but you know me, it will always be about the hats.

Travelling gives you such the new lease of life. Inspiration, confidence, reflection and direction and I’ve come back bursting with it all.
The highlight from the trip however, has blossomed since I got home.
What could possibly be more exciting than fashion, food, Broadway, boots and hats?
Showcasing your own hat collection to the world!

Hats by Felicity

Hats by Felicity

Fashion Gallery New York Fashion Week has invited me to bring Hats by Felicity to the New York Fashion Week runway for Spring Collections, 2014! Yes, read this again if you must … I am heading back to New York Fashion Week – this time as a designer.
I know, I know! It’s crazy! I’ve been pinching myself for days and it’s true.
All I can think about is if I hadn’t travelled to New York, this state of exhilaration would not be me.
If I hadn’t stayed at the Crowne Plaza in Times Square I wouldn’t have met Colette and Melba when I booked to see the Lion King and without meeting these two angels I sincerely doubt I would have ended up at Fashion week. If I hadn’t been there, I wouldn’t have blogged about the designers and events and if I hadn’t blogged, the connections would never have been made. If Gregory from Fashion Gallery hadn’t offered, I wouldn’t have this absolute honour to accept.
If I hadn’t had that nasty melanoma removed from my arm in February, I wouldn’t have booked to New York.

Follow our dreams beautiful people and live every fabulous moment in life.
We did say the only way out of the blues is with the next adventure, so I say bring on New York 2014 and raise your glass and hats to living life. x f


10 responses to “Looking back and forward – raise your hats

  1. Fan bloody tastic!!!!!! You thanked all those people for making next year possible but it’s you Flic……without you and your passion you wouldn’t be going anywhere! Well done! Can imagine that radiant smile hasn’t left your face!!!! Big hugs xxxxxxxx Renee

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  2. Thank you so much Renee. The smile is still from ear to ear. See you in Melbourne soon. x f

  3. Flic! You rock! I am so excited and proud of you for pursuing your dreams! If I win Lotto I am coming with you to carry your bags! Love you, Helsyxx

  4. You go get ’em girl!!!!! Amazing but inevitable! Very very happy and excited for you!!! X AP

  5. Oh My God! I am so absolutely bloody proud of you my Flic!!!!! I have tears of joy reading your blog, it’s so so so so EXCITING for you, a big mwah and we’ll catch up soon xxxxxx

  6. Amazing opportunity Flic and I know you will place Broome on the hat map!! Go and show these New Yorkers how it’s done down under xxx

  7. Love your work Flicca Brown! Designer, Creator, Maker, Milliner extraordinaire not to mention beautiful, bright, bubbly, colourful and super smiley and that’s only on the face of it…You must be so proud and here’s to all of your dreams coming true. Love you heaps xxxx

  8. So proud of you Flicca! Your my inspiration to get on and create and live life as it is precious! Love your work! Xxxx

  9. So exciting! i just got goosebumps when i was reading about your invitation! Good on you Flic x

  10. Congratulations! Or as we say in Spanish, felicidades! Fantastic job of networking, and of course your hats will be stunning. From Marissa and Priscilla at joyarte. We’ll have to meet again there next year. Save us a great seat.

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