This milliner is back on the move

There’s a plan in the air that will more than make up for the lack of millinery movement of late, when we board the plane to New York City. Yes fillies and colts this Milliner is soon to be back on the move.

The adventure is set for September so still some time for planning but hold on to your hats because your thimble will be on the pulse as I take you for the blog ride along the way.

September hosts New York Fashion week, so it goes without saying that we will be stalking this event. We’ve started making contact and preparing the city and there is just so much excitement in the studio.

Once the Kimberley race rounds are done and dusted we will be creating a snippet collection for NYC, packing the bags and on our way.

In the meantime though, the focus is on the local racing events and some most glamorous Broome weddings that we’ve been chuffed to have created bridal delights for.

The gorgeous Broome Gatsby bride

The gorgeous Broome Gatsby bride



Broome race round burst the starting gates two weeks ago with a record breaking crowd for the season’s first meet.

This weekend is Family Day so we look forward to seeing lots of mini me’s wearing their own (or mum’s) Hats by Felicity creations and in the lead up to all of the above, the Hats by Felicity studio has excitedly been a hype of evening activity with private viewings and bubbles and fun.

Hats by Felicity bubbles and fun

Other exciting news is the upcoming Hats by Felicity photo shoot … this has been a long time waiting and without letting too many feathers loose, we are very proud to be showcasing the splendid work of a local photographer and local hairdresser and makeup artist at a local venue, with pieces worn by local models (and one gorgeous extra from NSW) and very proudly … wearing Hats by Felicity including creations made of local hand collected feathers.
Hand collected, then cleaned and preened

Making creations such as these …
Colour me happy
Complimenting our other bespoke pieces such as these …
Pink Lupine

Of course, I’m not going to give too much away on the new collection – the photo shoot and the Hats by Felicity parade at the Broome races on Gentlemen’s Day July 13th will proudly showcase all.

Till next time .. fill your life with laughter, good friends, bubbles, feathers and fun. x

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