Where has the Milliner gone?

I know many of you have wondered where this Milliner has been moving, especially with the last post being NSW. Since that journey, I returned to Broome, via a fabulous stay with friends just out from Dubbo and then after a month of creating the next collection I was packed and ready to depart Broome for Melbourne; for the big Spring Carnival. One thing I didn’t prepare for was the grounding of Qantas which left me and my hats stranded in Broome and subsequently, missing the Melbourne Cup and the pre-cup hat sale opportunities. Qantas re-scheduled me to fly out of Broome on Melbourne Cup day and that arrived me into Melbourne the day after Melbourne Cup! Not in the plan. Anyway, I did have an awesome Crown Oaks Ladies Day on the rails in front of the Bird Cage with a fabulous crew and the night after, we had a cheeky little hat event at a St Kilda bar, where I sold a few gorgeous pieces; and a few days later I was on a plane and heading back home to Broome. Since being home I have unfortunately suffered another little set back which involves my website. In a nut shell the web designer which I soon discovered was also the web host for my site upgraded their service to cater for their new and bigger clients and with that upped their price; sending me an invoice for a monthly amount that was previously the same as for the entire year. So of course I queried this and next thing you know … without notice or so much as an explanation; they flicked off the switch and my website http://www.hatsbyfelicity.com.au is no more! They obviously didn’t want the little hats amongst the big guys. So, where to now from here? Well, after a mouth ulcer and a locked jaw; not to mention financial stress and strain due to loss of income (they closed both my sites, incl my accommodation) I have risen above the situation and excitedly say watch this space. In the meantime, for those wanting to see the collection of hats and headpeices, please visit my facebook page Hats by Felicity and if you are not on facebook, please contact me on my new email address (yes that went too) hatsbyfelicity@bigpond.com and we can make an alternative plan. I miss my beautiful website but will be proud to welcome you to the next Hats by Felicity chapter very soon. xflic

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