The feathers have landed home

What an adventure through the SW of Western Australia as the Milliner on the move!  As I sit here in Broome and reflect on the past three weeks I feel a great sense of bliss.  The friends that I visited and was fortunate enough to stay with, made the journey the success and joy it was and I take this opportunity to thank you all so very much.  And I particularly want to thank Hilary, who loaned me the little red astra that I drove just shy of 1,000 kms on my adventure, from Perth to Bunbury and down further south around Yallingup,  before making my way over to Kojonup and then back to Perth.  Throughout the journey, which was centred around the Wandecla races (and Kate and Daniel’s wedding, of course), I proudly sold eleven of my headpiece creations, (along with a few outsourced fedora hats and handbags).  I sold almost half of the collection and many of which, most excitedly I got to see trackside at the Wandecla races; not to mention see walk down the aisle.  It’s one thing to create these pieces but certainly another to see them worn.  To those of you that have inquired if certain pieces are still available, please visit my website, that is updated with those sold.  I am most happy to package and mail, so if you have decided to purchase that headpiece, just let me know. 

We don’t return from an adventure like this without instantly creating plans for the next.  In fact, I spent the entire flight home from Perth to Broome with my notebook (thanks Deb) designing the next such adventure which, all going well, just may travel a collection out of the state.  Another exciting plan is that for a combined exhibition with the fabulous, talented and acclaimed artist, Lisa Martello, that we will host, later this year in Broome.  Lisa and I are bursting with excitement and will be sure to keep you updated.  I was constanly in awe of the talented people I caught up and stayed with along the way and will link their websites from this blog.  It’s hard not to be inspired when surrounded by such talent.  I had a few yearnings throughout the trip as well.  Apart from the obvious, for a gorgeous fella (I hear you all) … I also now yearn for a new, slimline, attractive laptop!  When did technology shrink so much?  Imagine the embarrassment in the Qantas club as I nearly did a shoulder blade dragging my archaic Toshiba from the daggy black case that is big enough to fit a small child in; that was taking AGES to crank up and loudly echoing those start up chimes as it did so!  Well I did what any self respecting woman would do … I shut it up, packed it up and lugged it over to the bar for a glass of chilled champagne!    Then I purchased a lotto ticket for an “apple”. 

I also learned a few lessons during my journey, such as how to operate a Tom Tom (what a life saver that devise is), how to perfectly pack a collection of headpieces and hats, how to roll your clothes to sneak in your new purchases and most importantly … that it’s a complete waste of time and space packing your joggers! 

Thank you for following my journey and I look forward to embarking on and telling the tale of the next.

For your enjoyment, I have compiled a slideshow of kids in hats pics, taken along my SW journey.  After all, it’s not always about us big kids.

Wishing you all bubbles and fun.


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